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Rabbi Chaim Tropper


Rabbi Chaim Tropper has been involved in Yeshiva High School education for close to two decades, both as a teacher and as an administrator. He served as the tenth and twelfth grade Rebbe at Yeshivas Ner Aryeh from 2002 to 2009, and as principal from 2007 to 2009. In 2009 he cofounded Yeshivas Ohev Shalom and has been Menahel and a Rebbe ever since. He is recognized around the globe for his unique ability to run an organized, structured, well disciplined high school, while at the same time being able to maintain a close and trusting relationship with his students. Rabbi Tropper has also had tremendous success in motivating his talmidim to continue their full time Torah study for many years after they graduate. Over the past fifteen years Rabbi Tropper has inspired tens of his students to further their study in Beis Medrash, many of whom are still learning full time four or five years after their completion of high school. Rabbi Tropper studied for 14 years in Yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel, at Yeshivas Toras Yisroel and at the Chafetz Chaim Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. He received his Semicha in 1998 from the Chief Rabbis of Yerushalayim and Be'er Sheva, and from the Rishon Litzion Harav Ovadia Yosef. In 2001 he graduated from the Ner L'elef teachers training program in Yerushalayim. He is well known for his many positive motivational learning programs that have inspired and motivated many of his students and have been adapted by many other Rabbeim who he has mentored.

Rabbi Dovid Tropper


Rabbi Dovid Tropper has served the American Jewish community on the East and West Coasts for more than forty years. From Bangor Maine where he taught and did Kiruv establishing the first chapter of N.C.S.Y. (Rishon L'Maine) in the state of Maine, to Los Angeles where he helped to establish Yeshivas Ohev Shalom. Rishon L'Maine was also awarded National Chapter of the Year from the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations. Rabbi Tropper was a student of the famous world pedagogue and marbitz Torah Rabbi Henoch Leibowitz Z.T.L. and was ordained by Rabbi Eliezer Cohen Z.T.L. of Netanya, Israel. Rabbi Tropper also holds a Masters degree in guidance and counseling from Long Island University. His career includes Rebbe and assistant principal at Bangor Hebrew Academy Bangor Maine, principal of Hillel Academy Binghamton New York, Rosh Hayeshiva of Ottawa Torah Institute Ottawa Ontario, Rebbe at Yavneh Hebrew Academy Los Angeles California, Rebbe at Emek Hebrew Academy Los Angeles California, and Rebbe at Valley Torah High School Los Angeles California. For the past twenty years Rabbi Tropper has served at Ohev Shalom Congregation as Rabbi and spiritual leader. In 2009 Rabbi Tropper assisted his son Rabbi Chaim Tropper and Rabbi Rachmiel Steinberg in opening Yeshivas Ohev Shalom Zichron Chaim in memory of his Zaidy who was a true Torah pioneer in America in the early 1900's. Presently Rabbi Tropper is a Rebbe and a major supporter of our Yeshiva.

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