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About Us

Yeshivas Ohev Shalom was founded in September of 2009 to offer a quality Yeshiva education at a very affordable price. We strongly believe that no Jewish child should be deprived of a top notch Yeshiva education due to their lack of financial resources. Due to our low budget we were able to offer a full Yeshiva high school program for a quarter of the price of other local Yeshiva high schools. B'ezras Hashem, we have completed our ninth year with overwhelming success. Our boys have grown tremendously in their yiras shamayim, middos, and derech eretz, and have developed advanced skills in their Torah learning. The boys have developed close relationships with their Rabbeim, and friendships with each other that will last a lifetime. Our Yeshiva program is the first of its kind worldwide and has become a model for other schools across the country to be able to offer an affordable Jewish education.

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