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Torah Studies

Yeshivas Ohev Shalom Torah Studies
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Yeshivas Ohev Shalom Torah Studies

Our Torah education places a strong emphasis on middos and character development through our daily mussar and hashkafah sessions. Our highly skilled Rabbeim model and exemplify the importance of proper middos, and instill in each and every talmid that "derech eretz kadma laTorah" is not just a nice saying rather it is one of the foundations of life. Our Gemara b'iyun shiurim are geared towards training the talmidim how to properly learn a sugya of Gemara on the deepest level. Our goal is to teach the talmidim advanced skills of analytical thinking and comparative logic, which are invaluable tools for every area of life. Our shiurim aren't lectures, rather interactive sessions where the students have the ability to go back and forth with their Rabbeim until the material being taught becomes crystal clear. Our Torah curriculum also consists of daily shiurim in bekius, halacha, and Chumash to ensure that the talmidim have a broad knowledge in all areas of Torah.


We also offer a second track of Torah studies for students who are less motivated or have weaker learning skills. This track places less of a focus on Gemara and more time is spent studying Mishnayos, Navi, Chumash, and hashkafah. This track is less demanding in terms of written work and more focused on class discussions. Our goal is, that through this less intense program, weaker students will have the ability to succeed in their learning and retain their commitment and enthusiasm for ruchnius.

Yeshivas Ohev Shalom Torah Studies
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